A Dentist on Centre

Your First Visit


At A Dentist on Centre we aim to make your first visit to our 
Bentleigh Dentist practice a pleasant experience. It is also our goal to develop and maintain long term professional relationships with our patients.

What can I expect on my 1st visit?

During your first dentist appointment some or all of the following will be carried out;

Discussion of your dental concerns

We will listen to your treatment concerns to enable us to provide you with a range of options. Our treatment plan will take into consideration your overall health and wellbeing and your desired goals.

Medical History

A thorough Medical History will be taken as many health conditions such as cancer, heart conditions, diabetes and certain medications may affect the health of your teeth and gums.

Soft tissue check

The soft tissues of the mouth including the tongue, lips and cheeks will be checked for abnormalities which may indicate oral health issues.

Periodontal (gum health) check

This involves checking the gums and supporting structures for signs of redness or puffiness. These symptoms can indicate the presence of gum disease.


Your bite will be examined to see how your teeth fit together.


Digital X-rays are taken to check for decay and other dental issues that cannot be seen such as bone loss which may indicate advanced gum disease.

Discussion and Treatment Planning

If our assessment identifies the need for any treatment we will make sure your treatment needs are explained and all your questions are answered. We will discuss all of your treatment options to allow you to make an informed decision on what is best for you.

Why not call us on 03 9557 9444 to book your first dental appointment with one of our friendly Bentleigh Dentists.

COVID19 UPDATE 25th September

As of Monday 28 September non-urgent dental treatment will resume.
This includes routine examinations, preventive, restorative treatment and dentures.
For our Patients' who have upcoming appointments please note, as per DHHS guidelines, you are permitted to travel outside 5KM for health and medical appointments. This includes dental appointments.
In the event you are questioned by police during travel to or from your appointment, please use your SMS appointment reminder as a travel permit.


Take care and stay safe, we look forward to seeing you soon.

The Team @ A Dentist on Centre