Dental implants

If you are missing teeth, you already know that this can make life difficult. The way you speak might be impacted, and you might find yourself not socialising as often. You might have started avoiding some of your favourite foods because they have become difficult to chew. Replacing one of more missing teeth with dental implants can change that, giving you a beautiful smile that functions the way it's supposed to.

Dental implants are widely recognised as the most reliable tooth replacement option available. Success rates are excellent and the vast majority of patients at our are suitable candidates for dental implants.

If you are self-couscious about gaps in your smile, we invite you to contact us at A Dentist on Centre in Bentleigh to learn more.

How does a dental implant work?

A dental implant takes the place of one or more missing teeth. Dental implants are made up of the following:

  • The base, which is usually made of biocompatible titanium. This is surgically placed into the jawbone where your tooth root is missing. It fuses with the jawbone to provide a stable base
  • The connector of abutment secures the tooth-like crown to the implant
  • The crown is the part of the implant that is designed to look like your natural tooth. It connects to the abutment part of the implant.

How long does it take for a dental implant to heal?

After the dental implant is surgically placed into the jawbone, it usually takes about four to six weeks for the healing process to take place. Once it is fully integrated into the jawbone, the implant can be completed.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

There are many advantages to dental implants over other tooth replacement options.

  • They look better.
    Although today's dentures have come a long way, no tooth replacement rivals dental implants for a natural look. Dental implants look and feel like your own teeth because they are permanently fused to the jawbone
  • You can speak better with dental implants.
    Even the best-fitting dentures can slip in the mouth, causing you to struggle to speak properly. With dental implants, you will have none of those concerns
  • They are comfortable.
    Because they become a part of your body, there is no discomfort associated with dental implants
  • You can enjoy all of your favourite foods without restriction.
    Dental implants function just like your natural teeth without the chewing problems that often accompany dentures. Enjoy crunchy vegetables and juicy steaks without worry
  • They can boost your self-confidence.
    When you are missing teeth, you can feel self-conscious about smiling and people might even make judgments about you. With dental implants, you can feel good about your smile again - and you can feel better about yourself
  • They are convenient.
    Dentures need to be removed daily for cleaning, but with dental implants, you can simply brush and floss your teeth as you have always done.
  • Implants are long lasting.
    With proper care, your dental implants can last you a lifetime. Stay current with dental examinations and cleans, and practice good home care and your investment will last.

Why should I choose a dental implant?

Not replacing a missing tooth is about more than just aesthetics. When a tooth is missing, the adjacent teeth will naturally start to shift, moving to fill in the space left behind. This causes problems with your bite and can lead to other problems, including periodontal disease and the loss of more teeth. Because there is no tooth root to stimulate the jawbone, the bone may deteriorate.

Dental implants will prevent your other teeth from shifting, and it will stimulate the jawbone to keep it healthy.

Unlike other tooth restoration options, there are no food restrictions with dental implants. You can eat all of your favourite foods with confidence. As with your natural teeth, avoid chewing on foods that are overly hard and never use your teeth as a tool.

In addition, dental implants eliminate the need to add crowns to healthy adjacent teeth to hold a bridge in place, making them a more conservative choice.

Can anyone have dental impants?

Most people in good health are good candidates for dental implants. If a person has an insufficient amount a jawbone to support the implant, bone grafting often provides a solution.

There are medications that may increase the risk of unsuccessful dental implants. Our dentists will go over your complete medical history, including any medications you might be taking, to ensure that the implant procedure is viable. A Dentist on Centre we offer a variety of options to replace missing teeth. If dental implants are not a good option for you, we also provide bridges and partial dentures.

How do I take care of my dental implants?

You can take care of your dental implants just as you would take care of your natural teeth. Brush twice daily and floss at least once per day, preferably just before bedtime. Although dental implants cannot develop tooth decay like your natural teeth, you can still develop gum disease so brushing and flossing is crucial.

It's also essential to maintain preventive care appointments to examine your dental implant to ensure there are no problems, as well as a full oral health check and clean.

How long do dental implants last?

A dental implant is designed to last for many years, but poor oral hygiene can shorten its lifespan that is why good oral hygiene is vital.

Dental Implants Bentleigh

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